Vidyasagar Institute of Technology

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Welcome to Vidyasagar Institute of Technology

Vidyasagar Institute of Technology is an Institution devoted to imparting quality engineering education. It conducts various courses including B.TECH (Civil Engineering), B.TECH (Computer Science & Engineering), B. E. (Electronics & Communication) and B.TECH (Mechanical Engineering) B.TECH (Fire Tech & Safety). Vidyasagar Institute of Technology has recognized the fact that Engineers of tomorrow shall not just be theoretically sound but also practically competent. They would be visionary, trend setters, managers, leaders, motivators and conscious citizens of the nation, adding value to the organization and the society. In general, Vidyasagar Institute of Technology aims to prepare the students for this noble purpose. The task of Vidyasagar Institute of Technology is to convert a raw student into a refined and knowledgeable personality. Value addition by the institute is in the form of class-room instructions, action-oriented learning, group discussions, role-playing, seminars, symposiums, workshops, interactive sessions, working over projects and brainstorming just to name some out of a variety of educational techniques. The institute's aim is to make the opportunities available to students to closely interact with eminent experts of information technology, computer science, electronics, telecommunication, mechanical and production engineering coming from academics as well as from practical fields. This keeps the students abreast with on-going developments and emerging trends in the above (and related) disciplines.


The Institute has Approved by AICTE.

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Vidyasagar Institute of Technology Introducing Fire Tech & Safety Engineering

Fire technology and safety engineering is the application of science and engineering principles to protect people and their environments from the destructive effects of fire and smoke

The discipline of fire protection engineering emerged in the early 20th century as a distinct discipline, separate from civil, mechanical and chemical engineering, in response to new fire problems posed by the Industrial Revolution.