Vidyasagar Institute of Technology
Chairman Ex.Board
Our Mentor

While marching into 21st century and in the post era of liberalization, Indian education has to recon itself with modernity and adoptability with Technological and Scientific Development and changes happening around the globe and thenation.

We are working untiringly towards taking the institute to Newer Heights in the field of professional education with a commitment to provide qualitative education to the students via equipped infrastructure, outstanding faculty, valuable research and academic programmes. Concerted efforts will be taken to facilitate advancement of research activities in the institute in multifarious discipline and thrust areas. It is our earnest desire that the institute must Tie-up with internationally renowned institutes which will ensure that we are accessible with cutting edge technology in its current forms. The institute will find the way to put a Technological interface Network in the country which can usher greater transfer of Technological components into the society. The institute is on the path of expansion, in terms of adding new infrastructure and faculty, for which we will take all efforts to tap national, international and corporate resources.

My more than 20 years experience of e Defence, Academic and Industrial Sector  can ensure you that your ward is in safe hands for his professional career.

I wish to pledge my sincere and truthful dedication in leading this institute with a spirit of 3 E's Enrichment, Enlightment & Employment and 3 D’s Determination, Dedication & Discipline.

Mr. Lalit Makhan Mishra
Principal (VIST)